Re: German WWII reparations records online? #germany #holocaust #records

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello David,

there are often two types of reparation files:
- the personal ones - reparation for "damage on life", for not being able to have finished school or studies, prosecution, etc.
- and those concearning assets/property.

As they mostly include very personal documents and information it would be problematic to put them online from the data-protection-aspect. They are open for reviewing publically 30 years after the death of the applicant, sometimes also younger family-members are mentioned who's rights also have to be protected.

All these files are mostly situated at the regional State Archives. So you will have to know the city in which the family member lived before emigration, flight or deportation. These files are named "Wiedergutmachungsakte". Most of the State Archives have a system to research the files online, yet the files themselves will have to be reviewed locally or you request scans.

The helpful link Judith sent is just for the "Landesarchiv Berlin" and includes the files for Berlin and people from former Eastern Provinces.

If you mailed the name and last known living place, we could perhaps help locating the documents.

Regards from Germany
Corinna Wöhrl, Hoisdorf (near Hamburg and Luebeck)

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