Re: Shoshana and Theresia #israel

Valentin Lupu

Hi Peter,
There is a couple buried in Sdeh Yehoshua Cemetery, Haifa, in two neighboring plots. According to the gravestones inscriptions they didn't have children.
Rozmarin Theresa Shoshana, Wolf's daughter , passed away on Dec. 17, 1976. The cemetery database mentions that she was born in 1905 in Austria. The birth year is based on the age declaration (according to the birth date format 01/01/...).
JewishGen site has a Theresia Feldmann born in Vienna in Dec. 13, 1897 to Wolf Wilmos and Bertha Steiner.
Rozmarin Chaim David, born in Poland to Anschel, passed away on August 12, 1965.

Valentin Lupu

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