Re: 1878 Statistical Map of Galicia & Bukovina #galicia

Jay Osborn <jay.osborn@...>

Ervin Spinner wrote:

We have received the 1878 statistical map of Galicia and Bucovina from
Jay Osborn. I would appreciate a brief tutorial so that I can better
understand the numbers and signs on the map.
It's a reasonable request. This map is so valuable that we should
probably dedicate a separate page on the Map Room to explain it,
with examples. As a volunteer organization, our plates are rather full
at present, but we've added it to the to-do list and will send a message
to this forum to let everyone know when a first draft is online. It
should be part of a series of tutorials, including for example on the
use of cadastral maps in genealogy, to more fully answer a question
asked by David Nesher Adler in this forum two weeks ago. Please be
patient as we try to get this info online for your use.

In the meantime, the 1878 statistical map is self-explanatory, if you
read Polish or German; the extensive legend and all the table headings
are printed directly on the map. If like me you don't read Polish or
German, you can do what I did, and use Google Translate or language
dictionaries to explain the meaning of symbols marking a town in which
you're interested. It's slow going, but it works.

If anyone has further comments or suggestions about this map, feel
free to write to me privately and I will collect your notes for use in
the tutorial and/or future map postings.

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Map Manager
Warsaw, Poland

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