Re: COHENS and GOLDBERGS from Sakiai, Lithuania #unitedkingdom #lithuania


Miriam Helen Warshofsky's parents Barnette Warshofsky-Shoski b. Poland 1897 & died 1937 England & Rachel Hershkovich b.1900 Lodz & d.1954 England, Helen never knew her grandparents, nor their names. Her daughter Rebecca Swiderski & Joe Ferry, I don't know of any papers, but both have tree at Ancestry. Helen Ferry died in New Jersey, we both have our DNA at Ancestry &  up at GEDmatch, also daughter has her DNA also up at GEDmatch. Joe only has his DNA on Ancestry Rebecca (research59 ) hasn't been able to get on GEDmatch lately I'm A059333,Helen A890295 research59 A918591
Oh I must say I'm all excited, I'm seeing lots of surnames also connected to us.  I tried to call up Judy Bowman in Ancestry search as tree owner & then tried her surnames, unless she has a dfferent user name it looks like she don't fit.   I haven't tried GEDmatch, it'll take some days before I'll get to that, I'll most likely will need to mend when get back from surgery tomorrow.
Thank you Angie & all the others, lots to look forewards too !
Cathy Walters, Elgin,MN

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