Another finding among Bessarabia records (2) - Merchant Dues List and Signed Petition #ukraine #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello researchers,

Here is another in my opinion interesting finding for Bessarabia records.  It is a Merchant Dues List.  The list I found so far was for town of Khotin, 1865.  The reason it was not found before was that the list is among large pack of different documents (not records), and the whole set is only 3 pages.

The list is pretty small. There are only 71 records with full names of Heads of household. Also there is a number of men in the family and number of men 17 years or older.  

Another list found was Signatures of Jews on a Petition on a gathering.  The petition is pretty interesting and it is about one widow with children used to be Merchant, but probably was not able to pay dues and was moved out of Merchant estate to Middle Class... and the petition was to bring that family back to Merchants.  For this list we have 145 records of only Head of Households.  Full names are written in Russian and after that was an Yiddish signature.  This is all.

The text of the petition is about 3 pages long, and if someone is interested to translated it into English, that would be great, and we will know all the details of this gathering and will put it as an article to our Bessarabia website.

There are more interesting findings for the future postings.

All the best,
L'Shana Tovah.

Yefim Kogan

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