Re: COHENS and GOLDBERGS from Sakiai, Lithuania #unitedkingdom #lithuania


Hi Jeff,
Shapiro,Balshem & Rappaport in DNA matches...We have no known connection to Finland, no stories at all have been past down.   The sad fact we don't even know where our great grandparents are even buried, nor if in Connecticut.  I keep looking for them, guess where ever they were buried at must not been worked on in the online era. I also have tons of Kantor & Cantor !  
 I was going to tell Angie about Magid,  there is some connection to Cooklin-sp?-Cook, last year was filmed a place where family members of town was remembered from being there, in Jewishgen. After watching video, I then started noting in my DNA, I tried bringing up yesterday & couldn't find it, I wrote in notes so could be plainly seen. Oh well, got to get ready,


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