researching Slee family from Wallasey/New Brighton area Liverpool UK - general help needed! also seeking info on 1932 ships bound for Gibraltar, Marseilles, Egypt, Sudan, Rampoon #unitedkingdom #records


hello everyone - apologies if the title of this post is too long.

i am researching my father's family on - the name is Slee, past few generations residing mainly in Wallasey/New Brighton area of Liverpool - and the Rhyl area of north wales. i am also researching the names Goddard and Jones (my paternal grandmothers maiden name is Goddard, paternal grandfather's mother's maiden name was Jones). but this question is about the Slee family.

i have found via ancestry documents showing a journey made by my great grandfather William Slee to Marseilles between the dates 15/4/1932 and 1/5/1932. according to the passenger records - he departed from Liverpool on ship Cheshire (Bibby line) and returned via a London port on ship Oxfordshire (Bitty Broba line). both of these ships were bound for/had travelled to Rampoon in Burma, Colombo, port Sudan, port Said (Egypt), Marseilles (France) and Gibraltar (Spain). the trip he made seems unusual as he made the journey just 3 years before he died & he did not take any family members with him, according to the records. I'm wondering if anybody knows anything about these ships, their path of travel, or why he may have made this journey.

i am yet to establish any Jewish ancestry in the Slee, Goddard or Jones family lines. i am having a lot of trouble with census material - different names seem to have been used on many of the censuses. usually slightly altered (eg. Rose instead of Rosa). birth and death dates, and locations, also seem to vary across different documents. in the case of John Godfrey Jones (my great great grandfather) his wife has been listed as having two different maiden names on different censuses - wainwright and harrison. her married name was jones. their children (and relevant birth dates) are listed as the same on these censuses. 

when using i have found links between my tree & the trees of users with the surnames Amos & Frankel. i haven't contacted the owners of these trees yet - there has been simply too much information to process & digest. i have felt like i will never be able to get through this quest unassisted.. i desperately want help!

working out the records is very difficult - i would also like identify why my great grandfather might have made this trip to Marseilles. the evidence of this trip is more conclusive than much of the information i have found.

any help, even the vaguest piece of information or clues would be greatly appreciated. my dad isn't religious & as far as i know my grandparents weren't religious either. i have asked him directly if there is any jewish heritage. he said he didn't know - i'm not sure if this is true or not. his sister married a man of sephardic jewish origin & according to my dad she had to convert to do so. my dad also says my grandad told him they were descended from "smugglers and horse thieves" down in cornwall/devon area. other than this my dad doesn't have much information to share so far. he has little interest in ancestry.

if anyone can help at all please get in touch. thanks so much,

liz ferris

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