Please help to locate German birth certificates for four people (COHN x2, SIDERSKY, BUKOFZER) #germany #records

Joyaa Antares

Hi All,
A cousin of mine is trying to locate four German birth certificates but appears to have hit a brick wall.  They are for his parents and his paternal grandparents.  Please can you help me to locate them?
1. Father: "Walter Dagobert COHN"; my cousin believes he was born on 3rd March 1910 in Teltow.
2. Mother: "Elsa SIDERSKY"; my cousin believes she was born on 23rd June 1907 in Berlin.
3. Paternal grandfather: "Moritz COHN"; my cousin believes he was born on 19th July 1880 at Prossken (or Prostken)  district of Lyck.  He was the son of merchant Salomon COHN and Johanna nee KAMNITZER, who in 1907 were resident in Velten, District Osthavelland. 
4. Paternal grandmother: "Hedwig BUKOFZER"; my cousin believes she was born on 24th April 1884 in Gostoczyn (or Gostrozyn) district Tuchel. She was the daughter of Louis BUKOFZER and Berta nee COHN, who in 1907 was resident in Liebenau, district Tuchel.
Very many thanks, 
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching ZAUSMER, ZOUSMER, ZESMER, CHOUSMER, CHAUSMER, TSOUZMER etc, MARCUS, DAVIDOFF in Polangen, Kretinga, Darbenai, Libau, Riga, Memel
SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, and Kolomyya
MOSES (often MANSELL) in London and South Africa
LEVY, BADER in Berlin, Schwerin, Friedeberg
and GERSON, SIDERSKY, FREED, RIMAN in Gumbinnen, Leipzig, Koenigsberg, Danzig, Berlin, Vilnius, Sirvintos and South Africa

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