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On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 03:08 PM, Paul Shapiro wrote:
Isadore Kaminsky and "Lylly" Meyerson

Rose's Hebrew name is Reisel, and Rose's father's name was Israel, do I understand correctly? Israel quite often, with the Americanization of names, became Isidore ..
I'm sure this is Rose's  (# 27)  Passenger List  ( )
Do you have any doubts that this recording is your grandmother's? Do you think it might be a namesake? Or did you not find this entry before?
It seems to me that the coincidence of the girl's surname, mother's surname and father's name is enough to confirm, you can hardly find more (unless, of course, there is no specific indication of the vessel and date of arrival in the naturalization declaration).
Is Raizl's father listed as resident (or registered)? in the city of Ostryn (Vilna province). At that time, Ostryn was part of the Vilna province (Lida district), now this city is part of the Republic of Belarus.
Reizl is only 18 years old, and it is rather strange that she travels alone .. Beins Ejshieskin and  his cousin Hana are traveling at numbers 28 and 29. Hirsch's father (Beins Eyshiskin) is also from the city of Ostryn. Perhaps they are relatives and therefore travel together.
If this is so, then it is worth paying attention to the record of the death of EISHISHSKII, Beinus, which is on the website at, as well as the fact that there is also a researcher on the site who is looking for the surname Eishiskin in exactly this spelling as in the passenger list (and this is clearly an incorrect spelling, the record of Benis's death is indexed correctly).
What else: it is indicated that Reizl is going to his aunt and the aunt's address is indicated. This is probably Sadie's address. Do you know where she lived at that time? If it is known, and this is the same address, then there is no doubt that this is not the namesake.
If you carry out a search and select the surnames KAMENSKII and by the city of Ostrona, then as a result it will be obvious what to look for in Ostryna (there are indeed many surnames indexed as KAMENSKY or KAMYONSKY).
If documents on Ostryn (metrics or census) of the period you need have survived (Reizl was born approximately in 1895) are stored in the Itoric archive of the city of Grodno in Belarus. You need to make a request to NIAB Grodno or find a private researcher. In this archive I looked for Jewish censuses in Brest, and it is probably better to work with a private researcher, because the search by the efforts of the archive staff can be very long and in the end it will be more expensive. Taking into account the current situation in Belarus, it is necessary to clarify whether the archive is working and whether the documents are available for private researchers.

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