Looking for info on Family Name Folis or Tolis in Eastern Poland #poland


I am hoping someone here might have any info or thoughts -- I am looking for info on where my great-grandparents lived in Poland in about 1902-1920.
The original family name was either FOLIS or TOLIS. It was changed in Ellis Island, but one of my great-grandfather's brothers used the last name FOLIS and a cousin used TOLIS.

We know my great-grandfather David Folis/ Tolis was conscripted into the Russian Army prior to the revolution in about 19012 & fled to the US, leaving my great-grandmother behind for 8 years. She was Fagabluma Sokol. We also have a photo of her marked Lublin on the back, but because she & my grandmother told me stories of her and her sister smuggling eggs across the Polish/ Russian border, we know they were in a town closer to the border in the east and not near Bialystock...further south.

if anyone has any thoughts or has any info on the name, please let me know.
Thank you.
Alexandra Sokol

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