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My grandpa Richard V. Gilbert born in 1902 who lived in Philadelphia remembered his uncles and other relatives sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea from samovars and arguing radical politics.  They had glass cups in metal handled holders as you may find in Turkish restaurants today.  Sugar was sold in large loaves and small pieces were broken off.  People held the pieces between their teeth/lips and drank the tea through them.  This was during the 1910s into 1920s.



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I have never heard of this a special ceremony , but maybe it was a special ceremony only  in Julius's family . It might have been special because making these jams was labor intensive and seasonal . As someone below has said Russians often take preserves in their tea . Another respondent referred to the custom of putting a sugar cube between the teeth and drinking the tea through the sugar cube. When I asked my Russian relatives who emigrated from the USSR in 1992  about this custom , they said they had never heard of it.
My bobe Frahdl used to make a compote of stewed peaches and whatever was available in the stores in Boston in the summer . When she added blueberries , she would call it "bluzberry compote" and would refrigerate it with the peach etc. pits intact. I always loved eating it in the summer.

I wonder if anyone has come across this behavior : my grandmother would re-use old teabags and she laughed at me when I made tea at her home and used one used teabag per person . Also , when I had tea with a famous Yiddish actress in New York , she made tea for four of us by dipping one teabag into four cups of hot water until the water was pale yellow . My Soviet emigre cousins always served very strong tea . So , was this weak tea just a case of two individuals being thrifty or have others ever heard of this behavior ?? 
Henry H. Carrey

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