LAKOBOVIC or JAKOBOVIC? #ukraine #russia #names


On the Ohio marriage license application, dated 1914, of my great-uncle HARRY VAPRIN (originally VAPRINSKY; on the application Harry's place of birth is written as "Russia" but he may have emigrated from present-day Ukraine), his mother's name is handwritten as MOLLIE LAKOBOVIC. I have never been able to find this surname in any search I have made anywhere and suspect that it is a misspelling of JAKOBOVIC (on the marriage license application, even the name Harry is misspelled as Parry). Is this a reasonable assumption? What else could LAKOBOVIC be a misspelling of? (Harry's father's name appears on the application as Michael, and the names of the parents of his bride-to-be are given as Abe WILLANS and Mattie OEFF, another name that never appears in any search I've ever made).

Toby Kabakoff Troffkin

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