ViewMate translation request - Yiddish nr. 48049 #galicia

Orr Sela <orr.liechtenstein@...>

Hello everyone!

I recently got a postcard >from an uncle with Yiddish inscription. It
was sent to my gg grandfather Burah DAVIDESCU (also known as
Burah FERARIU) who died in 1936 in Falticeni, Romania.

Family members say that he was born circa 1856 around Lviv to
David Ber and Miriam KLEINROCK.

ViewMate Posting nr. 48049

On the other side there is a picture of a husband and his wife in
their 30's, and their approximately 4 years old daughter.

I will extremely appreciate full (word-for-word) translation of the
text. Any other tips and information are most welcome!

Thank you very much in advance!

Orr Sela

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