Re: DNA results vs records #dna


I received Ancestry's new estimates of ethnicity yesterday along with great fanfare and their airy comments of new definitions and greater accuracy.  Mine changed from 100% European Jewish to 100% European Jewish.  Nope not a typo. No further definitions.  My father's family came from Hanover and Hess in Germany, and Bydgoszcz in Poland (then Bromberg in Prussia), and the Grodno gubernia which was Russia and is now in Belarus, and my mother's from Hungary, and Transylvania (formerly Hungary, now Romania) - A good solid mix of European Jewish ancestry.  If one looks at the US Census records, he/she can see how the country of origin listings change for a person over the years according to who reigns over the territory, and as we have seen they are still changing. L'Shana Tovah.  Rich Meyersburg, Laurel, MD

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