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Adam Turner

I make no judgment on whether your grandnephew and mother's assertions on your family's Latvian origins are correct - only more research can prove whether they are right. But there is nothing inconsistent with the following clues you've mentioned:

-if your mother/grandnephew are correct, your family likely immigrated from some part of present-day Latvia
-they were Jewish, but considered themselves "Prussian" in some cultural sense
-their immigration records, which may predate the establishment of Latvia as an independent country post-WWI, say they came from "Russia".
-your AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate may list your DNA as being a part of an ethnic Community that includes Germany, suggesting that they may have been part of a population that had lived somewhere well west of Latvia several hundred years ago.

To understand why all of these are very easily reconcilable with one another, you need to acquire some familiarity with Latvian history, and particularly the history of Jews in Latvia. This article from Professor Ruvin Ferber, posted a long time ago by the JewishGen Latvia SIG, seems like one useful starting point on the latter topic:

Adam Turner

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