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1911 Registry Office Wedding - Why?

This partially relates to another of my posts today - but this focuses on the marriage of Flora Levin (Florie Levien)  and David Lurie in 1911.  I was really surprised' to see that they had been married in the Registry Office in Liverpool and that the line 'according to the rites and ceremonies of' had been crossed out. Flora's uncle was Rabbi Lewis Levin/e was in Liverpool at this time and his son Nathan Levine was a witness.  Nathan also became Rabbi or Rev. The second witness was also a wider family member. I could be wrong, but this suggests that it wasn't a registry office wedding because they had married out of faith. This family was known to disown anyone that did in later years. The bride is described as a spinster and the groom as Bachelor. I haven't been able to find a marriage authorisation either. Why would a marriage authorisation not be given? Could this be why it was a registry office wedding?
Rachel Poole

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