Re: 50 State Survey Finds One Out of 10 Millennials and Generation Z Didi Not Recall Word 'Holocaust: or Basic Facts of the Genocide #announcements # holocaust #announcements #usa

Elise Cundiff

I don't agree that the example cited is a distortion in any way.   Perhaps include those who thought 20 million in those who were aware of the magnitude of the  disaster - but if the question is, "how many?" and the answers are far less than 6 million that is indeed of some concern.  

It is true that too many Americans, not just those two generations,  seem to have a general ignorance and lack of understanding of history, including pertinent American history.   Our educational system is failing in that.

I had a younger co-worker (who had previously made a few vaguely anti- semitc comments to me before) tell me that  "Jews need to get over it" because it was so long ago.
She had no response when I pointed out that my two oldest brothers, along with my parents and grandparents, would have been killed - and that didn't seem so long ago to me.    

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