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Stefani Elkort Twyford

In September 2019, one of my researchers, made a visit to Bar Ukraine and purchased a newly released book on the history of Bar written by Bar historian Mikhail Kupershteyn. The original book is written in Ukrainian. I quickly got in touch with Mr. Kupershteyn who gave me permission to have the book translated into English and made available to Jewish researchers. The book is now fully translated, reformatted and available as a PDF.  I've also included a name index at the end of the translation to identify all the surnames in the book. That list can be seen here.

The book is a magnum opus spanning from early 1500s up through modern day. It covers such topics as:

  • historical chronology of the city

  • the shtetl, synagogue, cemetery and market

  • what community life was like, a Jewish home and Jewish traditions

  • pogroms, occupations and memories of witnesses

  • Jews on the frontlines of WWII

  • development of the Jewish society from the end of the 19th century up to the 1940s

  • society in the post war period including later history of the community, prominent Jews from Bar and the Yiddish community

Many family names appear in stories, lists of pogrom and war victims, famous citizens from Bar and other anecdotes. The book is a fascinating glimpse into the life of our ancestors and includes numerous photographs and maps. 
One of my DNA cousins described this book as "an extraordinary work of dedication, love and scholarship." I'm sure you will agree.

Currently the digital PDF of this book is available to researchers for a $50 or larger donation to the JewishGen -  Bar, Ukraine Records Project. Remember that your donation is tax deductible. To get to the fundraising page, click on this link or log in to your JewishGen account and click on the far-right tab labeled Donate. In the right hand JewishGen Projects, click on Ukraine. Our project is the third listed: Bar, Ukraine Records Project.  To take advantage of this offer, when you receive your receipt for the donation from JewishGen, email it to me at bargenealogy@... and I’ll email you the PDF.

Soon the book will be available for purchase in a hard cover version through JewishGen's Yizkor Books Print on Demand program.

L'Shana Tova


Stefani Elkort Twyford

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