Re: Ordering USCIS records for appeal/rehearing


Hi Judy,


Let me try to reply to your questions:

1) Is there likely to be any correspondence about this case?


There was correspondence in 1906 because the file is indexed in an index to correspondence.  The only questions are whether it survives, and whether it can be found.

2) If so, is 50,030-1 the index case number, in which case I can use it on a Genealogy Records Request USCIS Form G-1041A to see if there is any correspondence about this?  or do I have to still submit a request to find the index case number?


Yes, the file number referenced (50030-1) is the number needed to request the file from the National Archives (do not request from USCIS!).  


All the INS immigration correspondence prior to 1957 has transferred to NARA and falls into either the Letters Received, 1882-1906 (NAID 1564919) OR the Subject Correspondence 1906-1957 (NAID 559947).  Because you have a number from 1906 we don’t know in which it will be found (assuming it survives).  So you’ll need to provide the file number and BOTH possible locations.


Since NARA is closed, I suggest you send a request via their “Your Inquiry” form here:

Write your request in the text box, and provide the following citation:

RG 85

NAID 1564919  - OR -  NAID 559947

File # 50030-1


Be sure to provide your email/phone number.  They’ll let you know if they find it or not, and if there are any copying fees (I don’t know if there are).

3) What is Section 11?


Section 11 of the Immigration Act of March 3, 1903.  They are citing it as the authority for some action in that case.  You’ll find the text of section 11 on page 1216 of this online PDF , where it is summarized as “Return of alien accompanying rejected, helpless, etc., alien.”  Presumably, this is the authority to deport Shmuel to accompany Wolf back to where they came from.

Good luck!

Marian Smith

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