Re: 1869 Hungarian Census #hungary #translation

Phil Karlin

I couldn't find your Viewmate, so I can just speak generally.
Lots of helpful links, including Kurrent letters, at Find the 1869 Census in the Wiki, it explains column headings. 

I muddled through translating with a combination of Google Translate, guessing and cross referencing to other info I already had or could find. The Googling was often putting in the English, seeing what Hungarian or Slovakian popped up, and seeing if it was close to what I was looking for. Can't figure out a letter? If you have the others in the word, make a guess then try to verify it. For town names, there are resources here and on FamilySearch. I also found tremendously useful for finding old names for towns. 

I hope that's helpful. 

Phil Karlin

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