Russian State Public Historical Library Offers Free Genealogy Document Scans #ukraine #announcements #records #russia

Jan Meisels Allen



Vera Miller’s Find Lost Russian  & Ukrainian Family blog posted about the Russian State Public Historical Library offering free genealogy scans.


The historical library has more than 200 genealogical and biological references on topics ranging from coats of arms to lists of mischief people expelled from Moscow.


Vera posted a link to a Zoom video that explains using the historical library website which may be accessed at:


As the website is all in Russian, Vera recommends that  have your family surnames translated from English to Russian on Google Translate or here. Having the names in Russian is half the effort involved with using these books/booklets.


The next important step is downloading Google Translate browser app or any other similar app onto your desktop or laptop computer. The app will automatically put Russian State Public Historical Library's website into English.


She also lists links to important guides for Russian and Ukrainian genealogy.


To read her blog post see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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