Re: Why a 1911 Registry Office Wedding? #unitedkingdom #general

Sheila Toffell

Very often, when Jewish married couples arrived in the UK at that time, they didn't have any legal documents and that could've meant no Ketubah. In addition, because of restrictions in the country they were coming from, they might not have had a civil marriage at all. No civil marriage? No legal docs as proof of marriage. This was important bc  local rabbis were encouraging  couples who were in dire straits to obtain legal documents so as they could get  financial assistance. So even if they had married in Eastern Europe but had no documents to prove it, they would have to get a civil license and a Rabbi would officiate at a Chuppah to cover the bases. It is possible that Flora and David did have a Ketubah or maybe got married in a Jewish ceremony in the UK without a license bc they didn't know they needed one or couldn't afford it but needed a civil acknowledgment to get some financial aid. 

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ
Researching from the Ukraine: Brezenov (Kirovograd region), Korsunsky, Kramer, Bogomolno Stavische, Tarasche areas , Kiev region.  From Poland: Gembiki, Lakumski, Rachwalski, Wilichinsky (Slesin, Skulsk, Sompolno and Izbika Kujawski area),  Tafel, Tofel, Toffel (Josefow nad Wisla, Opole Lubielski and Krasnik (Lublin region)

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