Re: how to print a large tree #general

Dahn Cukier

Printing a large tree. If you want to print on a number of pages
there are many ways to do so, but to print on one large page, you
will need to use a plotter. *

I produce a tree in jpg format from "Agelong Tree".
I load Agelong from a GED file I produce from the software
I use, but does not have a way to produce a
"nice" (subjective) tree.

I take the JPG file on a flash drive to a print service
I find near most city halls where people
copy, or print,  blue prints. Be sure they print
the file at 100% and not as some programs save the
file. I have used only 2 locations, one required
TIF format and the other PDF. Each was able
to convert my JPG to their formats.

I have 1600, 1300 are linked and I get a tree of 40cm by
18 meters. 

Additional question: The largest home format printers I find
are A3, does anyone know of a home printer that will
take continuous paper?

Dahn Cukier

* In the olden days, before 2005 or so, there were dot matrix printers
and software to print sideways on continuous paper.

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, 7:24:14 PM GMT+3, renato mannheimer <renato@...> wrote:

I would like to print my tree that has approximately 500 names. I cannot do it with the program I use (Family Tree Maker 2019). Is there another program or way to print it?

Thank you for your help
Renato Mannheimer

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