Re: Palestine Censuses of 1922 and 1931 for Ness Ziona, Israel #israel #records

David Lewin

At 01:28 21/09/2020, Ava Nackman wrote:
We know absolutely nothing about the families of my husband's
great-grandparents, who arrived in the US with their children in
1908. However, I have located a ship manifest listing them as going
to Ness Ziona in Palestine in 1928 to visit a "parent". The
Wikipedia article on Ness Ziona mentions two censuses done there by
the British Mandate authorities in 1922 and 1931. Can anyone tell
me what form these censuses took? Were they just headcounts, or did
they actually list household members by name? If the latter, can
anyone tell me where they would be available to view? It would be
exciting if I could learn something about the relatives of these
great-grandparents in this way! Also, if anyone knows of any other
types of records from that time frame that would have been kept in
Ness Ziona and might still be extant, I would love to know about
them. Thank you.
Ava Nackman
Do you read Hebrew? gives
access to the Israel National Linbrary.

It ALSO has publications in English

David Lewin

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