Re: how to print a large tree #general

Eva Lawrence

Family Tree Maker 2019 has a facility in the Publish mode for exporting a tree as a one-page pdf. You can find it by clicking  on the Share  icon, top right..  You can then print the saved file in any size you chose with a suitable printer. I've  printed copies of an A4 print-up with details too small to read on an A3 sheet at my local library, where the copier enlarges to A3 if required.  Alternatively, a commercial printing firm can work on your one-page pdf to your requrements.
FTM  also has a facility to produce a  tree in book form, which I haven't explored myself.  But I have pieced together  trees from several A3 sized pages (all printed at local library) by just being careful to produce them all to the same scale so that the  lines match from one sheet to the next.  
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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