New 1862 Medical Spas Map of Galicia and Bukovina #galicia

Jay Osborn <jay.osborn@...>

Feel you could use a little health boost and relaxation? Sometimes
your ancestors felt the same way, and we're here to help: we've just
posted an 1862 map of medical spas in Galicia and Bukovina on the
Gesher Galicia Map Room:

With well over a hundred spa locations categorized eight ways based
on plants, salts and other minerals, oils, and hot springs, there's
plenty to choose from. A good first choice would be Iwonicz-Zdroj,
one of the oldest spas in the region and secluded in the Beskid Niski
hills; Virtual Shtetl calls it "the favorite Jewish spa":

Gesher Galicia purchased this interesting map at auction, then
digitized and assembled it for you >from membership dues and
general fund donations. Many of you had family who went to one or
more of these spas for holidays or treatment; now you can learn more
about them!

The GG Map Room home page:

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Map Manager
Warsaw, Poland

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