What would be a full set of naturalization records in NYC from the 1850's? #records


I have been able to find the Declaration of intent (19 April 1850) and Oath (2 July 1843) as components of the naturalization record of my 2nd great grandfather Charles Schiff.  They correspond to the records referenced in the index to naturalization records - dates, bundle number and record number – all on Ancestry.  Neither the index card nor the records contain the port of arrival or date of arrival.  Is it likely that there are any other naturalization records that would give me any more information?  The Court was the Superior Court of New York County; would other paper records still be in an archive someplace? (Assuming we can travel someday!) (And I have been unable to find any manifest with his name for the period before 1846 when his first son was born in NY.)


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