Re: Require help in understanding items on the attached New York marriage certificate #records


There are three instances where the bride's name appears. I see it as Scheine twice on the first page, and Szeny on the second page.  If you can get to see the stone in the cemetery you might see Shayna in its original Hebrew.
The name in the bride's marriage number slot appears to be her mother's maiden name, Turopp.
Why is the marriage number slot  filled in with something else?  As details were being entered the slot was thought to be needed to complete  information from above and, in haste, the label on the slot was ignored.

David Rosen
Boston, MA


On 9/23/2020 12:04 AM, lmandlawitz via wrote:
I would appreciate help reading the attached 2-part marriage certificate.  The bride's given name appears on both pages, the 2nd signed presumably by her.  She was my 2nd great aunt known as Emma in America.  Can anyone suggest what the two versions on the record might be?  Also, why does an address appear for the Number of Groom's Marriage and what does the Number of Bride's Marriage say?  I am also hoping to find any descendants of Emma (c 1880 - 1954) and her husband Jacob Wagner (c 1873 - 1934).  Both are buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island. Emma's parents were Salomon Feuerman and Marjem Waldman.  She was born in Zabrid/Zabrougy, Galicia, near Lviv. Their children, all born in NYC, were Mae (1901), Anna (1904), Herman (1906), Martha (1913), and Louis (1916-1999 Los Angeles).

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Lynda Mandlawitz

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