Sliwkiewicz or Slivkevich, originally of Warta, Poland #poland

Stanley Diamond

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Sliwkiewicz or Slivkevich, originally of Warta, Poland #poland
From: John Crust
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 05:16:49 EDT
Hello. I'm seeking information about a SLIWKIEWICZ or SLIVKEVICH family, originally from Warta (or Varta; in Yiddish, Dvort), Poland. The father and sons were Jewish headstone makers and operated a family business in Warta before the war (I don't have a name for the father). I am particularly interested in the son, Meir (spelling?), who died during the Warta Ghetto era, probably in 1940. An older son was Szmuel or Shmuel.

Thank you.

John Crust
Lodz, Poland

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