Re: A new "names" database? #names

sharon yampell

Not only do you see the last name you are looking for, but you get the member name or number and a link to contact them with.


No matter what the subject is, as soon as I am done reading a post to the group, if someone has a signature with the families and locations they are looking for, I read through and see if there is a chance we can be related …to me, the  key is being polite and respectful…  I always apologize to the poster telling them I am sorry I can’t answer their initial post but would be willing to explore any possible family connections based on their signature if they would like to…


Sharon f.yampell


Voorhees, NJ


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It exist . If you search a family name the first answer you get is "JewishGen Family Finder" that list all that look for this family name per town or country or worldwide depend on your setting


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