Re: A new "names" database? #names


I have observed that the "old timers" mostly listed their family names and towns in the Family Finder, but that people joining JewishGen more recently rarely do.  For example look at any fairly common name and you will find lots of entries with numbers under 100,000 and a smaller group of numbers between 100,000 and the approximately 800,000+ currently listed, even though the latter grouping contains about 8 times as many numbers. I don't know the reason why, but I would guess that part of the reason is that more researchers now have their databases online and don't see the need to list their research needs in the Family Finder.

I wish they would.  However, it also has been my observation that about half of the people I have attempted to correspond with about their family listings in the past year, do not reply, and I rarely try to reach anyone who has not been on JewishGen in the past 4 years.

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

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