SCHIFF family in Hildesheim, Hanover #germany #general


I have hit a brick wall on tracing the origins of my 2nd great grandfather, Charles (probably AKA Carl) Schiff, at least on this side of the Atlantic.  I’m looking for suggestions on resources that might be available in Germany, or people who can help. The information I do have is summarized below.  No luck finding a manifest.


time line



Dec 1816


US census (1900)


place of birth: Hildesheim, Hanover

marriage certif - 2nd marriage (1872)


father: David Schiff

marriage certif - 2nd marriage (1872)


mother: Hannah Warrendorf

marriage certif - 2nd marriage (1872)


year of immigration

US census (1900)


in NY. married with 3 children, oldest 4 yrs.

US census (1850)


Naturalization in NY:  renounces allegiance to King of Hanover

Naturalization index and record (1853)


occupation: carpenter

US census (1850)

Diane M. Jacobs

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