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Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Mr. Solomon,


I always recommend that people looking to purchased used or out of print books check which combines a lot of book search engines.  Several of Raymond Engelbreit’s books are listed on it:

Unfortunately this one is not.  Another book that might be of interest has been recently reprinted, on the Jewish community of Forbach:


Perhaps another member of this list might have contact information for Raymond Engelbreit himself.  Authors often have extra copies of their books.


Libraries are also opening up so you might be able to check a library or email them and have them check their copy.  WorldCat indicates that copies are at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the National Library of France and the Bavarian State Library.  You might be able to email the Salt Lake City Library and request that someone check their copy.  Here’s the copy information:


Good luck in your research!



Jenny Schwartzberg

Chicago, IL


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Does anyone know where I can buy Raymond Engelbreit's book "Les registres de l'etat civil restituent l'histoire des families de Forbach de 1789 a 1870"?  Also, does anyone have a copy who would be willing to check a couple of things for me?

David Solomon

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