One Thousand Years Ago and Genetic Defects? #dna

David Goldman

Hi everyone. I don't fully understand how this is possible. But a senior physician I had to see told me that the defective gene for breast cancer was inherited by all Jews of eastern European descent from a SINGLE individual, and the cancer includes an extremely rare form that affects the nipple that is passed along the generations called Paget Disease, which is even more extremely rare in men (as about 10 men per year in the United States).
I don't understand this properly, but this is how it has been explained to me. Of course we know that people other than Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe suffer from breast cancer, so the only thing I could assume from this is that a single individual at that time had converted to Judaism and passed along the defect.
In any event, he told me that Ashkenazi Jews should be aware of this situation, especially since 10% of ALL breast cancer in the world is among Ashkenazi Jews who are only a quarter of one percent of the world's total population.
Does anyone have any references that discuss this subject in plain LAYMAN'S language, and who such a Jew might have been who was our collective ancestor from the 12th century?
David Goldman

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