Re: A new "names" database? #names

Avraham Groll

Thanks for everyone's comments about this. Of equal importance to our archival collections, is our community and network of researchers around the world who join together in support of our mission. With regards to the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF), it is an absolutely vital tool, and continues to be responsible for countless family connections. If you are not currently registered, we encourage you to do so!

With regards to the actual signatures, we have formulated our guidelines to benefit the greatest number of people (both experience researchers, and those new to the JewishGen family. Here is the guideline:

 Please “sign” your posts and replies by including your full name at the end of your email. It’s helpful, but optional, to include your city of residence under your name, but do not include street address or phone number. You may occasionally include under your name some of the surnames and towns you are researching, not to exceed four lines. We encourage you, however, to use JewishGen’s Family Finder for this purpose, instead. 

Avraham Groll
Executive Director

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