Re: Does anyone know that Shtetl or town in Latvia where Israel and Sora Michla (Margolis) Katz lived? #latvia

Sherri Bobish


With the surname KATZ your search will not be easy.  You'll have to sort through lots of records to find one belonging to your KATZ.

I think you should begin by searching for naturalization papers for Morris and Louis.  Odds are that Ida never took out her own papers.  She likely naturalized under her husband's papers.  That was the law until 1922.

Many U.S. naturalizations are on-line now.  You can search at and/or   Ancestry is a subscription site, but many public libraries offer free access, and since the Covid lockdown many libraries offer free access on your home computer. 

A quick search on Ancestry for Morris KATZ, arriving 1903-1907, gets a lot of naturalization hits in various states.  If you know what state and/or city he lived in that can narrow your search.  You may have to click on many nat records for Morris KATZ to find one that matches yours.  You may know it's him by wife's name, childrens names, address, names of witnesses.

Remember that at that time Latvia was within the Russian Empire.

The good news is that if he naturalized post 1906 his papers should list his town of birth.

Good luck!

Sherri Bobish

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