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David Selig

Dear Mr Groll

I have been using JewishGen for about three years, and on a personal note, a huge thank you to yourself and all there.
I live in Paris, where my grandmother lived before during (for some) and many years after the war.   She and her husband survived, but her two sisters and families were deported and murdered, from Paris and from Holland.
On the other side an aunt of mine was killed (from Berlin) etc...
I have only recently discovered the existence of these people, and without Jewish Gen would never have been able to.

Last week I also found for the first tiem the VHA and a testimony of a close family friend...  so moving and great that that exists.   I have had personal exchange with Peter Landé, though your site.

Thank you wholeheartedly, and very best wishes in these so troubled times
David Selig

On 24/09/2020 00:45, Avraham Groll wrote:

Dear JewishGen Community,

We are pleased to announce a partnership between and USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive® (VHA) whereby an index of data from nearly 50,000 Jewish Holocaust survivor testimonies found in USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive will be accessible via JewishGen.

The biographical data is discoverable via more than 250,000 possible names and aliases — which in turn contain information on more than 600,000 additional relatives identified in survivor questionnaires. Data provided in the interviews contains potentially valuable sources of genealogical and family information, with details that can include: Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Relationship to Interviewee, If individual survived the Holocaust, Place of Death, and Date of Death.

All individuals listed in the database link back to USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive portal. More than 4,000 of these interviews are viewable in video format via the internet, while the remaining links lead to biographical pages that may contain slideshows of photos, maps, or additional information essential to those searching for relatives, tracing their lineage, or studying the Holocaust.

Thank you to E. Randol Schoenberg (Director of Austria-Czech Research) and Logan Kleinwaks (Director of Danzig Research) for all of their assistance in adding this data to our collection. Finally, thank you to everyone at the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive® (VHA) who has worked so hard collecting the testimonies over many years, extracting the genealogical data, and for making this incredibly valuable information accessible to the thousands of JewishGen researchers who visit our site each day.

This collection can be searched via the JewishGen Holocaust Database ( or via the JewishGen Unified Search (

Wishing everyone much success in researching this meaningful collection.

Avraham Groll

Executive Director

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