Re: SCHIFF family in Hildesheim, Hanover #germany #general

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Dear Diane and fellow researches,

for Hildesheim quite a few historical documents are to accessible online via FamilySearch, yet they are not indexed and mosty written in German Script (Kurrent). Often the images are of poor quality due to the bad condition of the originals. I listed the film-numbers as I don't know, if my links will work outside of Germany, but I'll give it a try:

Emigration from Hildesheim
Film 2063760 / DGS 008104033
Film 2063759 / DGS 008104034

Hildesheim Census
Volkszählungen, 1809-1864 div. films (DGS)

Jewish Community of Hildesheim 1809-1815 (Napoleonic Aera in Northern Germany)
DGS 007954696beginning on picture 844 of 1364

If you are searching for documents of Jewish Communities in Germany give this website a try:
-> In the field (Globale Suche) you enter the name of the town
-> the documents of the Jewish communities  available are often labeled (Jüdische) Matrikel

I know it may be difficult, but you should give it a try. Good luck hunting!

Corinna (Wöhrl, née Goslar), Hoisdorf, Germany


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