Struggling to find immigration data for great grandparents - ZUCKER and WEISEL #galicia #ukraine #germany

alan moskowitz

My great-grandfather Henry (given Hebrew name Zvi Hirsch) Zucker, from Chodorow, Galicia, Austria, and now known as  Khodorov, Ukraine, immigrated to New York probably via Ellis Island  from  Hamburg, Germany.  He was born April 10, 1875 according to a passport applications obtained in 1920 and 1922 to return to Europe.  In these documents he states he sailed from Austria around July 3 1891.  He married Jennie Weisel (Hebrew given name is Sheindel), on June 11, 1895 according to their New York City marriage certificate.  His parents remained in Europe, and I believe hers did as well.

I cannot find any records such as ship manifests using the Steve Morse and Ellis Island websites, nor from Family Search.  Any other suggestions?

Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey

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