Ancestry DNAmatches question - dot near photo #dna #general

Dahn Cukier

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Today, I received a notice from Ancestry that I am my own 1st
cousin. I logged in and did not find any new
1st or second cousins.
I did notice there is a dot to the lower left side of the
photo. The dot is NOT new people, people I have
sent messages to or received from, NOT people
I have or do not have admin rights to, 
Does anyone know what the dot signifies?
Chat with the robot is worthless, I do not need
to reset my browser, clear cache or clean
my screen.
Dahn Cukier
Cukier/Zucker/and many others, Brieff/Brif and probably others, Liss/Lisobitski/Lisbecki/Rosenberg/etc.

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