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Diane Jacobs

Have you searched 
And using phonetic options
not exact??

Also, try the NYC databases on  for birth, marriage,
death, and naturalization indexes , 
passenger manifests, etc. Check out his site carefully as there is alot there.

Molly could have  used Malke which is very common.

One last database is the Brooklyn Eagle
newspaper on Old Fulton History where you can look for actual articles based on name and address for this family. Do a search and you will find the website. 

Sometimes being creative with names works out.

Good luck. 
Diane Jacobs

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In the 1920’s , my grandmother received a heartfelt request by her brother in-law Shloyme Karmazin to find his half-brother Mishchune “ Chune” Rosen ( or Roisen ) and he gave an address of Mr. Rosen 3 Ditmas Ave. in Brooklyn . From what I can make out , they had sent several letters to the above address and received no reply . His wife’s name looks like “ Malyeh “ or a Yiddish transcription of “Molly” . The writer uses a few English words in the Yiddish e.g. “leters” instead of the Yiddish “briv’. which is why I think Mem Aleph Lamed Yud Hey is an attempt to spell Molly in Yiddish.

The Karmazins survived the war with their children and grandchildren , having taken the last trains out of Zhitomir in 1941 a few days before the Germans arrived. Of the adult men who fought with Soviet army , one was killed and one survived . The ones who made it to Israel and Brooklyn in 1992 asked me to try to find this family . All they could tell me is that they were very helpful in sending money/food/whatever to the family in Russia during the famine/pogroms after the 1918 Revolution . They heard that the family had moved to Massachusetts but they had left the address when they fled to Uzbekistan .

I spent many hours in NARA in Varick St. in the early 2000’s , looking in vain through many Charles/Harry/Hyman Rosen naturalization records for one who came from Zhitomir .

I tried look up a Rosen in Brooklyn at Ditmas Ave in City Directories and couldn’t find anything that seemed to match .

Has anyone got any ideas of what else I could do to find this person ?


Henry Carrey - Zhitomir: Postalov/Herman/German/Roisen Lutsk : Kirzner/Brestyaner/Isenberg/

Henry H. Carrey
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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