Re: Hebrew Translation of Gravestone - ROSENBERG, NATHAN (NISEL) #translation


Here lies


“For these do I weep; my eye, my eye, is dripping water” upon the passing


of my husband and our father, the dear and holy one, who was killed in the 65th


year of his life, and the crown of our heads was taken from us; his glorious name was


[an abbreviation*], NISAN, son of [the rabbi?*] Michael, may he rest in peace, Rosenberg.


He was called to Heaven, in the Garden of Eden, on the 29th day of the month of Kislev of the year 5679.


May his soul be bound up in the bond of life.




The phrase on the first line comes from the Book of Lamentations.


* There are abbreviations in front of both his name and his father’s name that MIGHT indicate that one, or both, of them were rabbis.  The first abbreviation is a slight variation of one that usually translates to “our teacher, the rabbi”.  The problem with such abbreviations is that they can theoretically represent a number of interpretations.  I would not conclude that either of them were rabbis, without verification from an additional source.  (By the way, by “rabbi” I do not mean that they necessarily had a pulpit, only that they had completed rabbinical school and received ordination.)


The 29th of Kislev, 5679, began at sunset on December 2nd, 1918, and ended at sunset on the 3rd.




In case you are not aware:  jewishgen includes a wonderful “ViewMate” feature where you can post images, including gravestones, and receive translations and interpretations from multiple helpers.  I recommend it.

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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