Re: A new "names" database? #names


I recently tried to find FRIEDMANs in Poland in JGFF and found many, but I wanted to grab the data, condense it and sort it by locality or perhaps other things like the person submitting it. This would make it easier for me to print relevant data and choose whom to contact. I brought the data into Excel 365, but it was still hard to work with. Columns B and D seemed to have no data except in the title lines, but Sort wouldn't work because the column I wanted to sort by (Town) had some "adjacent" data. When I removed those columns, the towns still wouldn't sort A - Z because of an icon at the beginning of each town entry that provides a nice link to a map and town information. That icon should be at the end of the town name. Total: more than 1500 lines including unnecessary blank lines and a ZIP code line. Many people gave only their names, so if the link no longer worked, it would be very difficult to find them. If JGFF were formatted so that it could be more easily used for common surnames, that would help. Deceased Researcher should be a separate field (column) so that researchers could concentrate on probably living people.

Stephanie Nordlinger
Los Angeles, California

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