Contact with IKG Vienna re Katharina Rosenstein nee Rattner #austria-czech

Trish Lane

I am trying to learn more about my great grandmother Katharina Rosenstein nee Rattner who was born in Konstantinopel  in 1840.  She died on 8 February 1905 and she and her husband David Rosenstein , born in Belarus, are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Vienna.  I would like to find out her parent's names in particular which might help solve a family mystery to establish a link with her son in law Paul Rattner. 
 I am writing my mother's story and have asked the IKG for further information.  I have recently written twice to Irma Wulz and apart from getting an out of office message, from which she would be back , I have had no reply which is unusual. Does anyone have any recent contact with IKG or have any suggestions about how to proceed.  I am aware that Covid could be restricting usual business operation.
I would be extremely grateful for any assistance.
Patricia Lane

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