Re: Photos: Belz Bessarabian Sick Beneficial Association section at Har Nebo Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #photographs #usa

Harry Boonin

Har Nebo and Mitchell Collier, yes Mitch you are correct. The old cemetery looks old, not decayed, but decaying. You have come across a process, not an end. You have come across the remains of Shakespeare’s “Bare ruin’d choirs.” And you have described the Cemetery in your narrative and photos too well. But the old cemetery has a good memory. Let’s go back to its youth, when it was time to bury one of the most beloved rabbis in Philadelphia Jewry, Rabbi Abraham H. Erschler who died in 1910, and was brought from the Jewish quarter, accompanied by 5,000 mourners crowded into this little, but growing cemetery. Or four years later when Anshe Shavel shul buried its 30 burnt Torah’s and buried them beside Rabbi Erschler. Let’s read about these days, in the Jewish Daily Forward, November 20, 1910, written by Abraham Cahan, or four years later by Philadelphia newspapers, Jewish Exponent, November 25, 1910, or November 21, or the Record, Nov 23, 1914 (front page), etc. Harry D. Boonin


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