Re: Seeking individuals with a connection to Raseiniai, Lithuania

Lin Mor

Dear Dr Corb,

My Great Grandmother, Rachel Leah Press Shneyder was killed along with her married daughter Rivka Shneyder Gor and four very young children, two named Velvel and Chana. The names of the other two are unknown. All were taken somewhere outside of Raseiniai where these crimes took place. When I was in Lithuania in 2007, the location was unknown and I was unable to visit it.

We did visit the museum in Raseiniai and it occurred to me that many of the photos we saw were possibly of the Jewish residents and there were lists of synagogue members. A passerby told our guide, Rosa, where the synagogue used to be. We also saw where the Jewish Cemetery was, the only thing remaining on this plot of land with apartments was a plaque on the low stone wall remaining that was once the cemetery border.

We also visited Vidukle, the nearby town where the Shneyder family lived for 2-3 generations, my family had left by 1941 when these murders took place. We did see the site where the women and children were buried near the Jewish Cemetery. We also visited the site near the RR station where the men and older boys from Vidukle and some other places were taken and murdered.

As we were walking around Vidukle, Rosa pointed out which buildings were once Jewish homes, ended to be along the road. An old lady was sitting in the sun by the barn adjacent to one of these houses. Rosa asked if she was here during the war and she said that she was a child then. When the conversation turned to the previous ownership of the property, she got up and went into the house and refused to speak further. We can only conclude that her family took over the property when the Jews living there were gone. People are afraid that descendants of victims want their property returned. We could clearly see where the synagogue once was. I do have a picture of a picture of it. 

I am sorry I have no further concrete details to help your investigation, Please include me when communicating the findings of your investigation. Thank you.
Linda Cohen Morzillo

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