Searching: photo records of synagogue in Fellheim, Bavaria, Germany #germany #photographs


I am looking for photographs or other records of the interior of the synagogue of the village Fellheim in Southern Germany (in Swabia area in Bavaria). 

Background: building was converted and used as rental housing after the war. Now restored and serves as community hall and learning space. During renovation, parts of the ceiling paintings were discovered and restored. My father, Johann Müller, is very active in this project and village history and currently compiles photo archives for a continuation of the Rapp chronicles of the village. He also gives free guided tours of the building and Jewish cemetery, and he asked me to ask the internet for help.

Maybe someone in this community can help! I'd be happy to forward any requests about Fellheim and Fellheim families to my father as well. Thanks a lot

Sarah Wikus
Zürich, Switzerland
Researching Fellheim, Bavaria, Germany

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