new vital records from Zabno #galicia

Howard Fink

I am very pleased to announce that JRI-Poland has just acquired more
vital records >from the town of Zabno. This is another town whose
records are held at the Tarnow branch of the Polish State Archives.

We are fortunate that the Director of that branch has been very
proactive in moving records >from the Civil Records Offices into the
Archives in order to comply with the change in privacy laws last year.
For those who were not aware, the change made Marriage and Death
records public after 80 years rather than 100 years, as was previously
the case. So this year, for all towns in Poland these records suddenly
became accessible >from 1915-1935. The reasons you have not seen
announcements for very many towns yet are:
1) The new law states that records offices may take up to 10 years to
comply with this change, and
2) once the records arrive at a branch of the Archives they still have to
be indexed, and JRI-Poland has to pay for that work.

We have just added:
Marriages: 1914, 1918, 1920-1935
Deaths: 1920-1935

Until JRI-Poland recovers the cost we have spent to acquire these
records this new data will not be available online. However, those who
make qualified contributions will get access to this data right away.

The Qualifying Contribution required to access the data before it has
been fully funded (and becomes available online) is $40.

You can see our project status online:
Note that our previous project for this town covering the years
1906-1913 is still not completely funded either.

Information about various ways of contributing can be found at:
Please indicate the allocation of your contribution as "Zabno PSA".

Please contact me if you would like to know if a (short) list of your
specific family members are present in this new data.

Howard Fink
Tarnow Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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