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1. Probably Father's papers. His father naturalized while Sam was a minor.  See if Sam's age matches the year of his father's naturalization.  
2. She could show her husband's naturalization certificate along with her marriage certificate.  If it came to a court case, and she had neither document i.e., married in Europe, no Ketuba, the naturalization  could be obtained from the court and there could be people to attest to the facts of marriage.

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On 9/26/2020 12:53 PM, N. Summers via wrote:
I'm trying to decipther the handwritten entry for "Citizenship" on a 1925 NY census. In the column "If Naturalized, when and where" there are entries for my ggf Morris, ggm Clara and gu Sam. The first entry, for Morris, presumably means "naturalized in 1916 in New York".  The second entry, his wife Clara, I think says "Hus. Pap." which probably means she gained citizenship under her husband's naturalization papers. (on this census page, most of the wives have this notation)

But the third line, for their son Sam, is a mystery.  It doesn't look like "first papers"; and since he arrived in 1906 it is unlikely that he would have waited so long to file a Declaration. Can anyone figure out what this entry says?

Finally, if Clara became a citizen under her Husbands papers, how would she be able to prove her citizenship if needed later?

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