Holocaust victim search circa 1946 #holocaust

David Laskin

I am writing a novel set in the 20th century in which the wife of a
major character is murdered at Auschwitz.  She was living and hiding
in Paris during the Nazi occupation, but she was caught in 1943 and
imprisoned in Drancy (outside of Paris) and then taken to Auschwitz on
one of the last convoys out of Drancy and killed.  My character, an
American who had been fighting with the French Resistance, returns to
NYC after the war and starts to find out  what happened to his wife.

Here are my questions:  What organizations were involved in searching
for Holocaust victims at this period (late 1940s)? When did it become
widely known that Auschwitz was a death camp? Was HIAS active in
searching for Jews rounded up and deported during the war? What about
the Red Cross?

Thanks for your help and Shava Tova to all.

David Laskin
Seattle, WA

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